I’m a Content Marketing Manager in the travel industry, and I’ve been working in digital content, marketing, social media management and PR for the past seven years.

Below is some of the content I have produced in my current and previous jobs and as a freelance content writer.

Content Management


Rescuing Hospitality: the no bullsh*t solutions you need to action to attract, recruit and retain your people: Otolo is the global online hospitality platform dedicated to retaining and acquiring talent through tech, community learning, mentoring, training, events and insights. Providing upskilling and personal development opportunities to individuals and teams, we actively promote the hospitality industry to help businesses with the ongoing staff shortage.

Bring Recycling to the Heart of Your Dental Clinic: We know your patients are your priority but did you know that they’re becoming, increasingly, concerned about making more sustainable choices? You may have already been asked about how to recycle dental care products (but struggled to find the answers). The good news is you can not only offer them honest answers but provide the solution too: The Oral Care Waste and Packaging Zero Waste Box.

(FR) Les Dédexpressions, 20 expressions françaises illustrées, expliquées et traduites en anglais: Voici un e-book sympathique qui explique les 20 Dédexpressions les plus populaires, celles qui génèrent le plus de vues sur mon blog. Vos Dédexpressions préférées ! Découvrez le tout premier Ebook des Dédexpressions : « 20 expressions françaises illustrées, expliquées et traduites en anglais » !

Hospitality & Travel

51 London and UK Travel Bloggers to follow in 2023: Many Britain enthusiasts actively share their love for the city and the country online by posting interesting writeups on their blogs and gorgeous photos on their social channels. So we decided to compile a comprehensive list of some of the best London and UK travel bloggers to follow in 2023 – all sorted by Domain Authority decreasing order – to add unique experiences to your bucket list!

13 affordable one-Michelin-starred restaurants in London and beyond: If you’re a fine palate – like us at Evan Evans – and don’t want to spend too much but still convey delectable and quirky cuisine, some Michelin-starred restaurants may be for you.

The Ultimate 2023 Guide to Nightlife in London: To help you plan your night out, we’ve compiled a guide to the best venues per London area, each offering plenty for all – whether you’re into traditional pubs, fancy whiskey bars, dreamy rooftops, all-night dancefloors or jazz bars, London offers thousands of incredible nightlife spots, to spend a memorable night out!

6 reasons to experience ABBA Voyage: As we wholeheartedly experienced it ourselves, we wanted to give reasons why you definitely should attend ABBA Voyage – even if you’re not an ABBA fan, you’ll live a concert like no other.

Who is buried at Westminster Abbey: More than 30 kings and queens are buried at Westminster Abbey like King Edward the Confessor, George II or Elizabeth I. But in total, there are more than 3,000 famous people who were buried or commemorated at the abbey, from artists to politicians and scientists. Some aren’t buried in the abbey but own a plate in honour of their achievements. 

Top-rated coffee shops in London to celebrate National Coffee Day: Are you a coffee person? Is it your first time in the UK capital? You’re in the right place to start your morning on the right foot! London counts zillions of coffee lovers and there’s always a nice coffee place around the corner, whichever neighbourhood you discover or live in. You probably even picked yours already! 

5 reasons to discover London’s most famous music venues: If old rock music songs sometimes get on your mind, you may be ready for cultural immersion in the world’s rock capital! From the Hard Rock Cafe to the back streets of Mayfair, experience London like you never did before to understand where your passion for English rock bands comes from. 

Top things to do in Pimlico: Further down is Dolphin Square, an upscale village for wealthy residents like MPs, high-grade civil servants – and even celebrities! The sure thing is that there are lots to see and do in this area, and here is a selection of things to do in Pimlico.

The most relaxing places to visit in the UK: In need of a break far from the city? The good thing about Britain is that there are plenty of places to escape from your busy routine and privilege birdsong over the endless traffic. And they’re sometimes nearer than you think! If you’re visiting the UK for the first time, a day tour from London in the British countryside can be the perfect addition after touring the capital. 

Why visit Buckingham Palace this summer: Nestled in the heart of London, Buckingham Palace is the jewel of the British crown estate that opens its door to visitors every summer. The good news is there is always something going on at the Palace! 

7 most secure buildings in the UK: Although you won’t be able to visit some of them unless you work there, at least you can see these places from outside, like the MI6 building during your journey in London. To go a bit further here are some of the most secure buildings in the UK that are equipped with highly protected security systems when it comes to entering.

30 tools, apps and platforms that hospitality and travel professionals should know in 2022: The latest Hotel Tech Awards presented excellent and cutting-edge tools that are pioneering the future of hotel tech, and that’s what we want, at Otolo. To provide our community with the relevant resources to their challenges, one of them being technology. So, we asked our members the tools they use the most at work, whether it’s related to operations, food and beverages, booking, HR, and other hospitality areas and departments.

Lessons to learn from employee experience (EX) star Honest Burgers: As we’ve seen with the latest Hospitality Rising, the biggest recruitment campaign, hotel and restaurant chains are determined to come together to reboot the sector and adopt healthier workplace culture. Although many businesses still face challenges in retaining their staff, a new survey from found that salaries are currently increasing in hospitality, which is encouraging!

18 inspiring women leaders who are reshaping the hospitality industry: We all know the hospitality industry has had a tough couple of years, but over the years some shining stars have been making a positive and continual impact on shaping the industry. From managing hotels, bars and everything in between we are celebrating some of the industry’s most inspiring women leaders who have been paving the way for future generations.

Tackling hospitality shortage in 2022, people want flexibility, better salaries, to have a purpose and polish their soft skills: The latest ONS figures showed there are over 1.1 million job openings in the UK, as a result of a huge mindset shift due to the pandemic. The hospitality industry needs to adjust to these changes, as people want more flexibility in their work, to be paid better, valued, and supported in their career progression.

Early Careers — What we learned from industry leaders: We scheduled a four-part webinar series for early careers to understanding the industry, how to optimise their CV, prepare for their job interview, where to find a job online, and why joining communities and building your mentor network. Here are the takeaways.

15 startups transforming mobility in the UK: How are startups driving the future of mobility? From inclusive route-planning and Electric Vehicles to cycling accessories and a whole new way of thinking about addresses, Maddyness has selected 15 startups that are redesigning the way people move from A to B.

14 ways to change your commute: As lockdown eases the government is promoting a message of alternative transport and it looks certain that we will be using bikes and scooters to navigate our journeys post COVID-19. Maddyness shares its selection of transport and commute alternatives.

UK Gov to accelerate greener mobility with £2B package: As said during Boris Johnson lockdown relief speech, the UK government wants to boost greener mobility across the nation and encourage people to choose alternative ways to travel, such as walking and cycling, and relieve public transport congestion.

Global trends in mobility tech to watch in 2020: Whether it’s in the UK, the EU or globally, mobility tech trends are impacting the big city life in major hubs and will redefine the way we commute in the future. Maddyness selected some of the most important mobility tech trends to watch globally in 2020.

Solo-founder: the story behind the creation of easyGuide: Part of the easy® family of brands that serves millions of tourists every year, easyGuide helps people discover unforgettable experiences in cities across Europe. Maddyness spoke with Blake Reddy, solo-Founder & CEO of easyGuide, to understand how he decided to create his startup with very little expertise in travel and eCommerce.

17 travel tech startups in the UK: Forward-thinking entrepreneurs are revolutionising the way people travel, using AI, developing sophisticated tech solutions and re-thinking the way we think about travelling and booking holidays. Here’s a selection of innovative UK traveltech companies to watch in 2020.

COVID-19: Interview with Jasper Dykes, founder of Fly Now Pay Later: As lockdown begins to ease around the world, people will start planning travel and airlines will need to recoup costs, timely therefore that Maddyness has the opportunity to speak with Jasper Dykes, founder and CEO of Fly Now Pay Later to understand how their company is coping during the COVID-19 pandemic and what the future holds.

London & British Culture and History

Famous British artists who marked the UK culture: Because they built our contemporary culture as we know it today, we compiled a list of some of the most famous British artists (we couldn’t list them all!). Writers, painters, or potters, women or men, this wrapup will help you better understand our cultural heritage.

Best shopping streets in London: London doesn’t lack shopping streets. In fact, with more than 6,500 shops and boutiques in the capital, there’s a shopping street for every kind of shopper – no matter where you’ll stay in the city or where our London tours will take you.

16 best British comedy series to learn about British culture: This basic recipe lies in most British education to approach life lighter and is what makes their comedy shows so popular. Here are some of the best British comedy series and sitcoms to understand British culture better, especially if you are planning a trip to the UK soon!

10 Harry Potter podcasts to listen to before visiting the Studios: The wizard fandom sphere is already hooked on the endless discussions involving key speakers – who are fans themselves! So we selected some of the best Harry Potter podcasts we thought you’d like to listen to on free platforms before you board our coach to the Harry Potter Studio Tour

15 inspiring books to learn about British history: Home of Shakespeare, England has always been inspiring writers, so whether you’re looking to read famous authors, learn more about the Kingdom, the green countryside or the Brits, here are a few inspiring books that we selected to give you ideas before you plan your trip to the UK.

Oldest cinemas in London to watch a film in style: Londoners like to stick to their communities, and going to local cinemas is part of their favourite activities! Even if wider chains have been acquiring historical cinemas over time, you can still admire their impressive buildings today. 


7 tech startups to watch in and around Exeter: Nestled in the beautiful coastal region of Devon and Cornwall and on the so-called English Riviera, Exeter is a vibrant and dynamic hub for young talent thriving to make a difference and play a part in the nation’s digital transformation.

9 tech startups to watch in Sheffield: In 2019, about 200 new tech startups were created in Sheffield which makes it an attractive hub for any founders located in the Yorkshire region. Maddyness selected some of the tech startups to watch in Sheffield.

10 fashion tech startups to watch in 2020: “Fashion is an eternal cycle”… so is innovation in retail. In 2019, the U.K.’s fashion industry was worth £60 billion and is the number one creative sector. Eager to ease user experience for both retailers and customers, new startups are being created, investing massive efforts in enhancing AI, tools and user experience. Here’s a glimpse of some fashiontech startups to watch in 2020.

10 startups to watch in Leeds: Maddyness has compiled a list of some of the most innovative businesses operating in Leeds.

10 startups to watch in Liverpool: The last 20 years marked a turn in the Liverpool area that has reinvented itself as a hub for innovation and creativity and local businesses have progressed along with the digital transformation.

10 startups to watch in Manchester: Manchester is leading the way once again as a Northern powerhouse and European hub for industry, but today it isn’t manufacturing and textiles, but tech and startups leading the renaissance. #ManchesterDigital. From fintech to AI and machine-learning, here are 10 startups from Manchester driving this tech revolution in 2020.

10 tech startups to watch in Birmingham: With incubators and accelerators ready to nurture the local startup ecosystem, Birmingham is the second biggest city leading transformation in the UK, after London. Maddyness has selected some of these businesses.

11 tech startups to watch in Brighton: Brighton, the “Silicon Valley by the Sea” is home to four times more companies than the UK average and was named the country’s startup capital in 2018 with its high concentration of creative SMEs. Looking at social intelligence, VR and creativity disruptors, Maddyness selected some of the most innovative tech startups to watch in Brighton.

12 creative freelancers pivoting amid lockdown: COVID-19 is forcing freelancers to adapt quickly to change and rethink their business models, and their skills or even create new initiatives to manage and thrive in these new circumstances. Maddyness has selected some of these freelancers pivoting amid lockdown and sharing their journeys.

(FR) Interview de Samuel Metias, PDG et fondateur de Comeet: Ce mois-ci nous avons interviewé Samuel Metias, fondateur et PDG de l’application Comeet, dédiée à créer du lien social entre collègues de travail afin de s’épanouir au bureau.

12 tech startups to watch in Glasgow: Glasgow is a highly attractive hotspot for tech entrepreneurs looking for a vibrant ecosystem in healthtech, data science and even space tech. Maddyness selected some of these disrupting tech companies to watch in Glasgow.

22 businesses pivoting through COVID-19: COVID-19 is forcing companies to adapt quickly to change and redesign their products or services or even create new ones to respond to the demands of millions of people self-isolating around the world. Maddyness has selected some examples of these pivots from the UK and beyond.

London Business Awards #LBA2020 and the winners are…: This week 400 people attended the London Business Awards 2020 to celebrate startups from the London business ecosystem. Maddyness was proud to be one of the attendees and shared highlights from this exciting awards ceremony.

14 startups disrupting what we know about art and culture: Artists are finding new ways to make art, new technologies are changing our perceptions and clever entrepreneurs are inventing new ways for us to experience it. Maddyness has compiled a list of some of the game-changing businesses in the world of art and culture.

Inbound Capital and Arteia look to the future of art: Maddyness spoke with Claire Barbaret and Clemence Cachet-Fournier from Inbound Capital about Arteia, a London-based platform redefining the art sector and addressed to art collectors, artists and art professionals with offices in London, Brussels, Krakow and Zug, Switzerland. They talk us through how the startup coped amid COVID-19 and what the future holds for the art sector.

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