Oh, hello!

Hi, I’m Audrey, I’m based in London. I’m a freelancer in illustration, content, localisation, social media and PR campaign management. I recently worked as a freelance content editor and writer for a media dedicated to entrepreneurship. I have experience working as a community manager and a brand specialist in travel, hospitality, tech, fashion, beauty, wellbeing, for English and French-speaking markets.

I can support companies in the following sectors: Tech, Education, Entertainment, Luxury Travel, Beauty, Education

My areas of expertise include: Content, SEO, Localisation, PR, Influencers, Social Media, Web Design, Editorial Illustration, Cartoons

Originally from Normandy in France, I lived and worked in Paris, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Leeds and London. I graduated a Certificate in Global Business & Marketing from UCLA Extension. Please take a look at my portfolio or download my CV/resume below.

Content, localisation, social media and PR

I write, edit and upload SEO-optimised articles and listicles on WordPress CMS related to tech, innovation, travel, creativity, entrepreneurship, startups, lifestyle, wellbeing.

I translate and localise creative and technical content, assets, PPC, copywriting, PR campaigns into French and English to reflect the brand message and guidelines.

I create and manage organic and paid social media content across different channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) to boost visibility, grow engagement and generate a dialogue with brand communities.

I connect influencers and brands with relevant and curated media and journalists, to build domain authority, credibility and organic traffic to the brand’s website.

Cartoons, illustration and design

I draw very detailed custom caricatoons (caricatures in a cartoon style) on-demand for people and pets from their favourite photos. I also design illustrations for small businesses.

I draw at events (i.e. art and culture, charity fundraisers, etc.) and organise art workshops for kids and adults (freestyle drawing around themes and French lessons).

For several years I’ve been drawing French and English expressions in a funny and entertaining way, on my blog called “Les Dédexpressions” which you can visit here. I also sell related custom merchandise.

I design or illustrate web and print assets for small businesses and brands such as logos, social media posts, email templates, programmes, travel itineraries, brochures, banners, and so forth.

I make sure to work closely with the brand so its guidelines and vision are matched and consistent across channels.