Price card

Please note that I’m available up to 8 hours weekly to freelance on side projects. Take a look at my illustration and design portfolio here and email me at to discuss your project further.

Projects in Content, Digital PR, Design & Editorial illustration

I charge €55 (£50) per hour, and the total amount of hours varies on the project.

Live Caricatoon Sessions

Available weekends, £150 + travel fees per half-day. This is a hands-on project, so please email me.

Digital Caricatoons

The price of the variation is determined per the number of subjects (person or pet) to figure in the portrait, and whether you’d like a decor in the background.

Number of subjects

  • 1 subject = €29 (£25)
  • 2 subjects = €58 (£50)
  • 3 subjects = €68 (£60)
  • 4 subjects = €78 (£70) and so forth.

Beyond two (2) people, please count an additional €10 (£10) per subject.


Note that every caricatoon includes a simple round of the colour of your choice in the background. If you’d like to add a detailed background (i.e. the house of your parents, favourite destination), please count an additional €29 (£25).

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