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Cartoons on-demand

To determine the price of the caricatoon, calculate the number of subjects (person or pet) to figure in the portrait, and if you’d like a decor too. See below for guidance.

Number of subjects

1 subjet = €29 (£25)

2 subjects = €39 (£35)

3 subjects = €49 (£45) and so forth.

For more, please count an additional €10 (£10) per subject.


Note that all caricatoons include a simple round of the colour of your choice in the background.

If you’d like to add a specific background (i.e. the house of your parents, favourite destination), please count an additional €29 (£25).


Once you order your custom portrait, I’ll need to ask you the following details:

  • Deadline (when you need this portrait for)
  • Who it is for (you or someone else)
  • Occasion (i.e. birthday, wedding, Father’s Day, Christmas…)
  • How many subjects (as presented above)
  • Background or not (as presented above)
  • Orientation (portrait, landscape, square)
  • Format (postcard, A3, A4, A5, square 30*30cm)
  • Digital version AND print and postage or digital version ONLY
  • If you opted for print and postage, the paper finish (mat or glossy)
  • Your mailing address (if opted for print and postage)
  • Photos of the subjects, details, clothes (and for the background if wanted)
  • Your, name and email
  • Your agreement to the final caricatoon(s) and photos to be shared on social media

Projects in Graphic design, Content, PR

Please note that I’m available up to 10 hours a week to freelance on side projects.

I charge €35 (£30) per hour, and the total amount of hours will vary upon the project (brand or article illustrations, logos, social media posts, email campaigns, programmes, travel itineraries, brochures, banners, writing a press release, localise content, etc.).

✉️ Email me: audrey (dot) langevin (at) gmail (dot) com – Let’s discuss your project in more details!