What I do

What I do


Content & SEO: I write SEO-optimised articles and listicles related to tech, hospitality, innovation, growth, travel, creativity, entrepreneurship, startups, lifestyle, and wellbeing.

Localisation: I translate and localise creative and technical content, assets, PPC, copywriting, and PR campaigns into French and English to reflect brand messaging and guidelines.

Social Media Management: I create and manage organic and paid social media content across different channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) to boost visibility, grow engagement and generate a dialogue with brand communities.

PR: I connect influencers and brands with relevant and curated media and journalists, to build domain authority, credibility and organic traffic to the brand’s website.

Graphic Design: I design or illustrate web and print assets for small businesses and brands such as logos, social media posts, email templates, programmes, travel itineraries, brochures, banners, and so forth.

Branding: I always make sure to work closely with the brand so its guidelines and vision are matched and consistent across channels.

Cartoons: I draw very detailed custom cartoons on-demand for people and pets from their favourite photos. For several years I’ve been drawing French and English expressions in a funny way, on my blog called “Les Dédexpressions” which you can visit here. I’m making specific cartoons for entertainment and publishing companies such as Scholastic, Mary Glasgow Magazines, etc. and I sell custom merchandise.

Editorial Illustrations: I also design illustrations for small businesses.

Events: I draw at events (i.e. art and culture, charity fundraisers, etc.) and organise art workshops for kids and adults (freestyle drawing around themes and French lessons).