Tech for thought: 8 shows to watch right now on Netflix UK

To further your knowledge around technology, business and innovation, Netflix has added a gripping selection of programs to its platform which you may be interested in, and here are a few to not be missed.

Just released on Netflix this month, The Social Dilemma is an American docudrama directed by Jeff Orlowski. In this dystopian documentary, key leaders and former managers detail the rise of social media and the damage it has directly caused to our society. They highlight to what extend people (the users), who ignore it, represent a gold mine for big tech firms using sneaky practices such as surveillance capitalism and data mining and how the design of social media apps is meant to nurture addiction, its use in politics, its impact on mental health, and its role in spreading conspiracy theories. Watch now

Challenger: The Final Flight is a limited docuseries in four episodes, created by Steven Leckart and Glen Zipper where officials, engineers, members from crew families piece together the tragic 1986 incident involving NASA’s Space Shuttle Challenger, forming an indelible moment for a generation of Americans. Watch now

French comic TV show Family Business season 2 is now available, and business continues for Joseph, a failed entrepreneur, who, after learning that weed is about to be legalised in France, decides to transform, with the help of his family and friends, his father’s kosher butchers into the first marijuana coffeeshop in the Hexagone. Watch now

The Business of Drugs is an excellent docuseries in six episodes that helps understand the origins and impact of the business of drugs on our society, with a former CIA analyst investigating and commenting on the economics of six illicit substances. Watch now

Maddman, The Steve Madden Story is about the incredible rise, fall, and resurrection of Steve Madden, the man who launched a billion-dollar fashion empire and whose shoes are in the closet of practically every woman under 30 in America. The film highlights how Madden rebuilt his life following imprisonment because of his entanglement with the infamous Wolf of Wall Street. Watch now

Something to watch when you need to rejoice is Love, Guaranteed, a refreshing romantic comedy about Susan, a lawyer who takes a high-paying case from Nick, a charming new client who wants to sue a dating website that guarantees love. As the case heats up, so do Susan and Nick’s feelings for each other. Watch now

For your kids… because they are their own bosses, too! As part of The Boss Baby: Back in Business hit, the interactive special The Boss Baby: Get That Baby! will enchant your children. Existing fans of the series will recognise Boss Baby, Jimbo, and Staci who immerse your children within the happy life of business departments which should keep the kids busy for a while. Watch now

Made by filmmaker John Hyatt, Screened Out talks to kids, parents and experts about the impact and chilling consequences of constant smartphone screen time in today’s world. This documentary explores how social media, smartphones, tablets and a range of platforms and devices have changed the way we communicate and operate in the world. Watch now


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