This businesswoman encourages the use of XR in fashion

It’s no news that our current sanitary crisis seriously impacts the fashion sector which as a result is facing tough challenges in sharing groundbreaking ideas.

Following a piece that I had written for Maddyness to shed some light on some of the most disruptive fashion tech companies to watch in the UK, I thought I’d share this brilliant update, especially because we’re talking about cutting-edge immersive experiences adapted to the fashion world. And even more so since it’s a woman who encourages it.

Chinese women entrepreneur Lisa Pan and co-founder of VR experts PhotonLens, has recently partnered with fashion designer Ralph and Russo. The idea? To create a full VR experience for their Ready-To-Wear Spring-Summer 2021 collection.

“With the pandemic disrupting our personal and professional lives, we have to use the tools we have to create interesting ways for brands and people to connect with each other. PhotonLens is pleased to support Ralph & Russo in creating unforgettable virtual experiences so the world can see everything that Ralph & Russo has to offer. PhotonLens brings exceptional quality to the AR/VR space and connects the world with some of the world’s best artists, game designers, entertainers, or fashion designers.” – Lisa Pan, co-founder of PhotonLens

Ahead of the experience, 30 influencers were sent PhotonLens VR headsets, including Camila Coelho, Chiara Ferragni, Aimee Song and many more.

Witnessing a rewarding and successful launch, Lisa Pan emphasized her love and passion for fashion and tech: “I have started to invest in XR in 2014 when the sector had just taken off. Very luckily, I have two of the best XR companies in my personal portfolio, Shadow Creator and ANTVR.”

The technology used in the Photonlens headsets was created by Shadow Creator, that, after securing a milestone fundraising, became a unicorn in China and in which Lisa Pan invested: “The last fundraising valuation of $1.8B generated a tremendous return on my original investment.”

Considering this, Lisa was eager to export the local Chinese company internationally, she co-founded PhotonLens and got introduced to Be-hookd founder George James to take care of her social media partnership with Ralph and Russo: “With their expertise on social media management, I am very pleased the collaboration with such a leading fashion brand worked so impressively and it’s just the beginning of our venture with Be-hookd and fashion, music, lifestyle industry.”

Fundamentally, before cracking on, Lisa Pan wondered how she could make life easier for customers and businesses in high-end fashion:“In luxury fashion and lifestyle, retail stores are pivoting into immersive centres and e-commerce platforms into customer service front ends rather than standalone verticals.”

With the worldwide context and the soaring of immersive technologies, Lisa highlights how AR and VR are redefining the 360-degree fashionista’s experience: “New retail concepts now allow people to blend traditional retail shopping with mobile experiences. AR is allowing users to “try on” products, while VR allows users to experience fashion shows and unique brand activation events.”

With 5G around the corner, Lisa explains that much more can be done in the fashion world in terms of mobile-friendly experiences: “Not only will VR and XR impact the fashion business in the long term by offering consumers impressive immersive virtual fashion shows but also by enhancing their shopping experience.”


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