Why people love working for Red Carnation Hotels 

This article was written during my time in a hospitality mentoring company

The Red Carnation Hotels brand is one of the finest in the world and has received many rewards for its prestigious portfolio of hotels worldwide.

Voted the number three best hotel brand in the world by Travel+Leisure in 2021, the group holds a Platinum accreditation from Investors in People.

In 2020 they celebrated 100 years of hospitality, as one of the 40 family-owned and run TTC travel brands.  

What’s their story? It all started a hundred years ago with Solomon Tollman. Solomon was born in 1895, in Riteve, Lithuania. Due to oppression under the ruling Czar, Solly escaped his country at the age of 14 – with nothing. Strong adventure seeker, after arriving in England he got on a ship for Cape Town, South Africa. That’s when he spotted Paternoster, a small fishing village along the coast, and he saw an opportunity there. The Paternoster Hotel opened its doors to the public and The Travel Corporation was born. 

With their passionate people, Red Carnation Hotels today form this warm family and has maintained this spirit over the decades. The group is always keen to hire special people who are willing to learn and know how to create exceptional guest experiences.

So why is it so incredible to work for The Red Carnation Hotels? Here are reasons to consider taking the leap and building your career in this amazing hospitality brand. 

Cultivating strong family values and mutual respect 

Red Carnation never wanted to be compared to any corporate hotel company. The group has been family-owned and family-run for a century and its founder, Beatrice Tollman, knows every member of the team.

Trust, respect and caring for each other are the foundations of any family and that is why the company people give their absolute best in everything they do. It’s also why they are one of the world’s top hotel companies.

Each of the hotels is renowned for its Forbes five-star ratings and was voted as either the top hotel or in the top three, on TripAdvisor in every location. 

Fundamentally, the group values lie in family vibes, and caring about their people but are also concerned with sustainable tourism. Management aims to protect the wildlife and environments within its locations and surroundings.

It helps maximise the joined efforts to do so that the company is part of The TreadRight Foundation and The TTC family of brands to MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® through conservation, leadership, and support for communities. 

Promoting diversity and inclusion with 51% of women employed 

The brand welcomes people from every background, culture, sexual orientation, and disability, and is proud of its female-friendly work environment: 51% of women work there with 40% in top managerial roles, including six women at the General Manager level. Incontestably an achievement in this very much male-dominated industry as we did mention in previous articles. 

Another similar initiative to help its people feel a part of the family is RCH IDEA. The concept promotes equality to “help Red Carnation Hotels become a more inclusive employer and encourage a more compassionate workforce”.

This is especially important for conducting fairer recruitment processes and protecting people from any unconscious biases. The Red Carnation’s current diversity and inclusion circles include Women, Pride, Culture, Age, and Neurodiverse. The groups aim to discuss challenges in the workplace and walk the walk. 

Providing staff with the right resources to grow  

There are many opportunities to evolve and grow at Red Carnation Hotels as they want their talent to achieve the best they can at work, to deliver the most memorable and positive guest experiences.

With training programmes, apprenticeships and mentoring schemes, the brand’s people receive all the technical knowledge and can develop their personal skills to excel at what they do.

The group also supports mapping out career progression to ensure its staff are fulfilled and happy. 

Encouraging creative initiatives 

As mentioned on their website, and with a structure that isn’t challenged by counter-productive hierarchy, the group is truly open to thinking out of the box: “Every member of the Red Carnation family is empowered to make a real difference.”

Not only do they trust their teams, but they also encourage them to create little touches that can make a guest’s or a colleague’s experience even more special.  

Offering exciting benefits  

The hotel group goes the extra mile when it comes to making its staff happy: £800 for every employee newborn, 80 learning and development courses, generous holiday entitlement, medical benefits, employee assistance, staff meals on location, discounts, and benefits with trusted partners, etc.

On top of that, the company organises an exciting annual employee appreciation party to celebrate team players, with 100 awards handed out to over 1,000 people. 

Mental health and wellbeing 

Red Carnation Hotels is very much involved with its staff’s well-being and listens to them via very solid support: “Each team features a mental health champion, trained to help those that might be struggling in the workplace.

We also offer well-being training sessions that focus on health, lifestyle and mindfulness, while our UK, Guernsey and Ireland-based employee assistance helpline assists staff with everything from financial problems to dealing with depression or bereavement.” 

What people think of working at the company 

“I have been working for the company for over 10 years, which I think speaks for itself! I have been given great training opportunities and all the support I needed to develop myself during these years. We all feel like one big family and support each other to achieve our common goal which is providing the best service possible for our guests. Now, during these challenging times when nothing is certain, the company really makes sure I am part of the team and family which helps a lot in going through the whole lockdown.” – Deputy Manager, London 

“I started with Red Carnation on their graduate management programme and was promoted to a junior management position within a year after undertaking training in various roles. The progression that I have experienced has been better than I could have expected! I have always received great support from my management team. There are so many training courses offered as well as lots of activities & social events to get involved in.” – Guest Services Manager, London 

“I’ve been lucky enough to have worked for the company for nearly ten years now! I have developed into my current role by spending time at several of the properties in both London and Guernsey and benefiting from the brilliant training offered.” – Rooms Division Manager, London 

“Great place to learn and improve. Lots of opportunities and training.” – Team Member, London 

“Colleagues lookout and help one another; approachable General Managers (Open door type policy); easy to connect with other hotels in the group and transfer across them; P&C are attentive, understanding, and helpful. Fun environment to work in and truly knowledgeable colleagues you can learn from.” – Management Placement, London 

“They will put you through so much training, give you great opportunities and help you develop your career. Everyone you meet is a genuinely nice person and has a clear passion for hospitality.” – Anonymous Employee 

“I started to work there 12 years ago and have been given many opportunities to grow. I met some great managers and I really love the Rubens and 41 teams. Come and join us! It’s fun and rewarding!” – Anonymous Employee 

“A great company to grow and learn from, very nurturing with all employees. When I started the job, I felt at home straight away and part of the team. A company that is well worth joining. They want you to do well and help you along the way so that you can better yourself and move up in the hotels.” – Anonymous Employee 

“Family business where the owners know the industry inside out and therefore understand what we are all going through at various levels and in different departments. The training and development are great both professionally and personally. RCH is great at recognising talents and homegrown their managers.” – Human Resources and Events in Bournemouth, England 

This article was written during my time in a hospitality mentoring company


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